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«Premium Wines Collection»

These wines are made from grapes growing at the best vineyards of Abrau-Durso and have a protected designation of origin. The terroir of Abrau-Durso has some special qualities, including a special wind pattern: the wind carries to the vineyards the aromas of herbs growing in the foothills of the Caucasus, salty notes of Black Sea and freshness of Lake Abrau. Marly limestone soils and a soft climate are also important parts of the terroir. All these factors create unique conditions for the grapes to grow and ripen. The style of the label reminds of Abrau-Durso still wines made at the end of the 19. century. As it was customary back then, each bottle has been numbered. The wines from this limited collection were first presented at the 8th Russian Winemakers’ Summit within Russian Winegrowers and Winemakers Association’s Cup 2018, were they were highly appreciated by the International Tasting Jury.