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«Rum Danza del Fuego»

Danza del Fuego is a traditional Cuban rum made from 100% Cuban distillates. The bulk of Danza del Fuego's production process is centered in Cuba. Fermentation of sugarcane molasses, distillation, aging in oak barrels, and blending of young and old spirits take place here. Next, repeated aging occurs in barrels for 12 months, due to which the aroma of the drink becomes even richer and more multifaceted. The name of the rum Danza del Fuego can be translated from Spanish as “dance of fire”, which fully reflects its passionate Cuban character.

Danza del Fuego is an excellent base for the most famous cocktails such as daiquiri, mojito and Cuba libre. Rum can also be served as a digestif, in its pure form.

Rum Danza del Fuego Blanco will swirl you with a sensual dance of fire accompanied by passionate Cuban motifs.