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«Cuvée Alexander II»

Cuvée Alexander II is the author’s project of Abrau-Durso winemaking director Georges Blanck, the first sparkling wine in the category of protected designation of origin (PDO) in the Abrau-Durso collection. The assemblage of exquisite sparkling wine consists of the best vintages from the Abrau-Durso wine library of various years, starting from 2008, and young wine. The unique combination of millesimes and the best young wine became the basis for the special harmony of taste and multifaceted aromas of Cuvée Alexander II.

The unique sparkling wine is named in honor of Emperor Alexander II, whose name has special significance for the Russian wine house. It was under him and by his special decree that the specific estate “Abrau-Durso” was founded in the fall of 1870. The nobility of the wine is emphasized by an elegant velvet label; the bottle is decorated with a metal monogram of the first letter of the emperor’s name - “A”.