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Sparkling Wines

The history of Abrau-Durso sparkling wines started in the times of the Russian Empire. The classic sparkling wine created from grapes harvested at the picturesque slopes of Lake Abrau was served on the royal court. 150 years  later, Abrau-Durso Russian Winehouse keeps producing sparkling wines, carefully preserving the traditions and using the most state-of-the-art technologies. Today, the company  leads in terms of sales of sparkling wine in Russia, which speaks for the sustainable quality and taste of Abrau-Durso’s products.


Real champagne is made using the Champenoise technology. The traditional method of secondary fermentation in bottles is a complex, lengthy process and includes many unique procedures: assemblage, remuage, disgorgement, and others.

Sparkling wines from the collections of Imperial, Brut D'or, Victor Dravigny and Udelnoe Vedomstvo were created under the guidance of the chief oenologist of Abrau-Durso Georges Blanc. Each of them is aged in the famous Abrau-Dyurso mountain tunnels.

Charmat method

It is a method of producing sparkling wine in tanks. Its difference is that secondary fermentation takes place in large sealed containers - tanks or acratophores for twenty-one days. The “Russian sparkling” collection is created using the Charmat method.

Still Wines

In the 19th century, the famous European grape varieties were selected for Abrau-Durso. Their uniqueness combined with the qualities of the terroir helped produce outstanding wines. Today, Abrau-Durso Russian Winehouse sticks to the best winemaking traditions and keeps producing quality still wines.

Low-alcohol Beverages

Abrau-Durso Russian Winehouse presents the Abrau Light collection, which includes four remarkable tastes with notes of fruits and berries — a perfect low-alcohol addition to a pleasant evening. Abrau-Durso cider with a colourful aroma and a unique taste is produced from natural apple juice without using yeasts, in accordance with traditional French standards.
Abrau Light
Abrau-Durso Cyder


Abrau-Durso 1870 premium cognac is the first product of Abrau-Durso Russian Winehouse in the spirits category. This noble drink is made from cognac distillates aged in oak barrels for at least 8 years. It complies with superior-quality matured cognac standards.

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Throughout the year, the soils of Abrau-Durso accumulate the energy of the sun, the sea and the warm wind to give it all to the grapes. The taste of the summer and of the southern sun was preserved in Abrau-Durso’s non-alcoholic drinks from Abrau Junior family collection and in Dur-so natural artesian water.
Abrau Junior
4 Waters Collection

Chateau D'Avize

Chateau d’Avize is organic champagne from the heart of France. In 2010, the French champagne house Chateau d’Avize joined the Abrau-Durso Group. The champagne house specializes in biodynamic winemaking. The production is headed by Hervé Jestin, one of the most famous French specialists in biodynamic winemaking. Chateau d’Avize is situated in Côte des Blancs, where traditionally white grape varieties, particularly, Chardonnays, were grown. Millesime sparkling wine Chateau d’Avize, extra brut sparkling wine Blanc de Blancs, unique signature brut sparkling wine Titov&Fils and still wine Coteaux Champenois Blanc 2014 are produced here.

Vedernikov Winery

Vedernikov Winery, part of Abrau-Durso Group, is  located in the Rostov Region. The terroir on the right shore of the Don consists of steep slopes and the adjacent steppe. The continental climate with its cold winters and dry summers defines the specifics of how the Vedernikov Winery treats the vines. The historical traditions of covered own-rooted vine growing help them get unique results. The autochtonous varieties are something the company is especially proud of: Tsymlianskiy Cherny, Sibirkoviy and the most famous one, Krasnostop Zolotovskiy. The still wines of Vedernikov Winery have won a lot of awards, and the long-expected collection of their sparkling wines unlocked the winery’s full potential.