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Real Estate Agency

Abrau-Durso is more than just a beautiful resort. It is also a beautiful place than may become your home. Abrau-Durso is a unique place that gives you positive feelings all the year round. It has everything that makes us happy: proximity of the sea, mountains, picturesque views, and the magnificent Lake Abrau. You can enjoy mountain hikes, sailing, fishing and any other activities throughout the year. Mild climate, clean air, endless vineyards, delicious organic food create true comfort.

Abrau Deluxe Club

A deluxe villa community at Lake Abrau

The community consists of 42 Toscana-style houses. Southern architecture, natural stones and tiles, state-of-the-art engineering systems and breath-taking surroundings make this place unique. This is where Abrau-Durso’s wild nature is combined with the highest standards of comfort. The community features five types of villas of 206 to 430 square meters  located on land plots of 100 to 200 square meters.

Abrau forest hill

Premium private residency club

Winner of the competition «Community of the Year» among regional projects. 14 unique houses will be built on a 7-ha land plot: seven on the right side within the first phase and seven more on the  left  side. In between them, there will be a dedicated beach, playgrounds, and a recreational area. The houses will be surrounded with the  lake and with the forest. Five minutes’ drive from the village, on the shore of Black Sea, a club beach with first-class service will be organized for the residents.