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«Az Abrau»

Az Abrau is the first collection of mono-varietal wines produced by Abrau-Durso in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus, in the part of the Alazan Valley located in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Winemaking has been developing in modern-day Azerbaijan since ancient times. Unique autochthonous grape varieties are an important aspect of the region’s rich historical traditions and heritage and represent the “golden fund” of Azerbaijan’s winemaking traditions. These varieties best reflect the unique character of the region.

Az Abrau wines are created from the most famous and popular  local autochthonous grape varieties—“madrasa” and “bayanshira.” The unique climatic conditions, modern production techniques, dedication to quality, and Abrau-Durso’s experience have resulted in a wine with a distinct character. Az Abrau wines embody the rich winemaking traditions of Azerbaijan in a modern way.