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A famous artist Evgenia Miro has developed a design for a limited collection of Abrau-Durso sparkling wines and called it “Moment – Eternity”

Abrau-Durso Russian Wine House carries on the tradition of creating New Year limited collections jointly with prominent representatives of Russian art. Original gift package sets the amateurs of sparkling wine in a good mood and emphasizes the importance of Russian culture – both artistic and winemaking one. This year, to mark the New Year holidays, Abrau-Durso has produced a gift collection of sparkling wines designed by Evgenia Miro – an artist who conquered Paris.  
Evgenia Miro – an ambassador of Russian culture on the global stage – is known for her cooperation with Hermès and other major international brands. Evgenia is referred to as a representative of the Russian style in the world design; images created by her, invariably representing Russian ornamental motives, can be seen on Hermès scarves and bracelets. The fact that the only signature collection of the wine house dedicated to a famous French champagne maker Victor Dravigny was chosen for the project makes it even more symbolic. It is with his assistance that the classic technique of wine production was perfected, and first Abrau-Durso sparkling wines were supplied for export.   Evgenia developed the design of labels and a gift package for a limited collection of three signature wines: Victor Dravigny Brut, Victor Dravigny Rose Brut, and Victor Dravigny Red Semi-Sweet. The artist called her concept “Moment – Eternity”, having attached to the design a deep symbolical meaning, a contemplation of the essence and course of time, a joyful and festive anticipation of the future. “Each second of our life is a moment, which, in its unity, creates an eternity,” Evgenia Miro comments. This seemingly simple, but very important thought is reflected in the words on the back label: “The image of time is the unity and versatility of a person’s way in this world”.  

The theme of time is very familiar to Evgenia Miro, as the artist has been implementing it in her works for many years. When creating images for Abrau-Durso, she added a new meaning to the treatment of this theme. Sparkling wines are associated with sparks, joy, and the anticipation of miracle. These notions are integrally connected with a moment when we disregard the past and the future, and live here and now. “It is through time that we talk to the world and wait for miracles,” Evgenia Miro says. The artist reflected the character of each of the three wines with the help of the colour palette: white brut is associated with coolness, tranquillity, the state of contemplation, this is why the design is airy, tender beige with shades of steel; rose brut – tenderness and at the same time deepness of taste, is designed in peach and pink colours with soft grey tones; red semisweet – passion, celebration, action, decisiveness; the label is vivid, including blue, red, and white colours. In this picture, the composition of symbols is built around the movement of the blue second hand: “One second after XII, and new time starts... Through the rhythm of blue colour I convey the movement towards something absolutely new, which has never happened before!” the designer says.   “Moment – Eternity” is the third collection, which Abrau-Durso Russian Wine House brings to its customers for the New Year season. In 2015, the original design of the New Year limited series called “Harlequinade” was created by people’s artist of Russia and stage designer Boris Messerer. The collection is dedicated to love and laughter, with Harlequin playing the guitar depicted in the centre of the label. In 2016, the labels for Imperial Cuvee L‘Art Nouveau collection were created by a famous writer and artist Pavel Pepperstein. He connected the image of champagne foam with sea foam, and chose a touching Black Sea mermaid as the central symbol of the collection. 

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