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Enogastronomic Festival “O, da! Eda!” in Abrau-Durso on September 9 and 10 13.09.2017

Enogastronomic Festival “O, da! Eda!” in Abrau-Durso on September 9 and 10

Second Enogastronomic Festival “O, da! Eda!” took place in Abrau-Durso “O, da! Eda!” (Oh Yes! Food!)

festival was for the second time held in the famous winemaking village Abrau-Durso on September 9 and 10. The event was dedicated to Black Sea cuisine. The number of guests reached 15 thousand. 

This year the event was as popular as last year: about 15 thousand people from nearest cities, including Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Anapa, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, and others, decided to spend the weekend at “O, da! Eda!” festival. The scope of the event grew significantly, with more than sixty participants presenting their food and wine, while the entertainment part of this trendy picnic included a program for any taste. 

For the first time, the festival focused on local products and demonstrated the Black Sea coast cuisine to the guests. Following the tradition, the event started from a themed dinner prepared by well-known chefs Igor Grishechkin (KoKoKo, St. Petersburg) and Vasily Zaytsev (Chicha, Moscow), as well as Evgeny Barannikov (Bellini group, Krasnoyarsk), Svetoslav Kuzev (St.Michel, Gelendzhik), Paolo Lopolito (La Veranda, Anapa), Viktoriya Parkhomenko and Servey Alshevsky (Abrau-Durso Wine Tourism Centre). During the festival, chefs gave several master classes at the Gastronomic Theatre. Igor Grishechkin, for instance, presented his pilaf with Black Sea mussels, while Vasiliy Zaytsev chose oyster сeviche. 

On the first day of the festival, a press conference took place attended by Pavel Titov, CEO of Abrau-Durso Russian Wine House, Artem Balaev, general producer of “O, da! Eda!”, chefs Igor Grishechkin and Vasiliy Zaytsev, and restaurant owner Marina Begashvili ((La Veranda). The participants discussed the phenomenon of Black Sea cuisine, and emphasized the importance of supporting local producers and local traditions. Many centuries of neighbouring with the Bulgarian, Greek, Georgian, Italian, Russian, and Tatar cuisines have created a unique mix of Black Sea cuisine, which has found numerous admirers all over the world. 

More than forty gastronomic teams have reflected in their signature dishes the connection between cuisines of different peoples living on the Black Sea coast. Fourteen producers of wines, including such famous wine houses as Abrau-Durso and Lefkadia, took part in the event. 

The region‘s gastronomic panorama was presented by: Ribeye Steak House (Novorossiysk), Krashodarsky Paren burger shop (Krasnodar), Grand Balcony restaurant (Novorossiysk), MyasoLove (Krasnodar), Vinoterria, a restaurant of original Black Sea cuisine (Novorossiysk), and many others. Specifically for the event, each participant created a unique dish, which was included in the festival menu: mussels in cream sauce, grilled Black Sea herring, Black Truffle rapa whelk, as well as espresso-based Sea Breeze cold drink with tonic and Black Gem ice cream.

 As part of the festival, gastronomic battles between amateur teams, which competed at the Cooking Stage, were held. Ballet dancers competed with winemakers in cooking potato flapjacks with bacon, while boxers and chess players tried to cook chicken chops with curry sauce. Interactive master classes of Krasnodarsky Krai‘s most prominent chefs were organized at the Kitchen of “O, da! Eda!” festival, where the participants together with the chefs were cooking ricotta with herbs, steak with rapa whelk sauce, pike perch, and grey mullet.     

The festival was held on the shore of the picturesque Abrau Lake, where sailing and paddle board master classes, as well as boat tours are organized. In dedicated areas, the guests had an opportunity to practice pottery, food sketching, floral design, and food photography. Everyone interested could practice hatha yoga and capoeira in the open air, or learn how to play badminton from professionals.   

The atmosphere of the trendy picnic was complemented by evening performance by poplar group Magicool (St. Petersburg) and a young and bold group Rostov Groovers (Rostov-on-Don). 

This is the second enogastronomic event of such scope in Krasnodarsky Krai. 

The first festival was attended by about 15 thousand people as well. Full list of participants: 


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