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Abrau-Durso presents exclusive Shirvan 60 cognac

Shirvan 60 of Abrau-Durso is a new cognac from Azerbaijan with outstanding characteristics that can impress the most sophisticated connoisseurs. The basis of the complex composition of the cognac flavor is made up of unique 60-year-old spirits. The history of the ancient Shirvan, in honor of which the novelty is named, is shrouded in legends—they were the source of inspiration for the creation of the drink, which reflects the rich traditions of the region’s cognac masters.

The new cognac is named in honor of the legendary state of Shirvan, located on the territory of modern Azerbaijan, between the southeastern spur of the Caucasus Range and the Kura River. The historical region, whose fame began in the 7th century, already in the Middle Ages was a major center for the development of agriculture, international trade, culture, and art. Inspired by centuries-old heritage and traditions, the blending experts of the Azerbaijani winery Sheki Sharab, which is being developed by Abrau-Durso, created a unique drink that reflects the history of the greatness and nobility of the ancient state.

Shirvan 60 is born from collectible cognac distillates that have been matured in oak barrels for sixty years. The elegant and harmonious blend is based on the indigenous Azerbaijani grape variety—Вayanshira. It is one of the symbols of the country’s winemaking heritage and conveys all the peculiarities of the Caucasus foothills terroir. The grape variety Rkatsiteli brings multifaceted flavor and softness to the cognac composition.

The cognac aroma unfolds in the glass with notes of candied fruits, spices, dark chocolate, and tobacco, and even an empty glass retains the delicate trail of Shirvan 60 for a long time. The intense and velvety flavor in a rich chocolate and coffee range is revealed by hints of nuts, spices, and nuances of dried fruits. The aftertaste is long and elegant, developing from woody to creamy notes. Due to the long aging, the cognac has a deep dark color.

The elegant silhouette of the transparent bottle allows you to make a first impression of the drink. The embossed laconic label depicts lions and a bull’s head, which can be found on the Shirvan coat of arms. According to legend, the entrance to it was guarded by mighty lions, which later became a symbol of strength and prosperity of the country, and they were also reflected in the cognac design. Shirvan 60 is a consonance of maturity, nobility, and grandeur. The flavor of cognac is like a journey to the kingdom of Shirvan, immersion in the era of the ancient state shrouded in legends.

“A year ago, we released the first collection of still wines produced by Abrau-Durso in Azerbaijan. Today we are pleased to present a new cognac created based on famous grape varieties growing in the terroir of the Alazan Valley. Shirvan 60 is not just a cognac, but a true legend from the Azerbaijani land: an aged, mature, and noble drink. I am sure that connoisseurs will pay tribute to its unique flavor,” Vasilii Dmitriev, Marketing Director of the Abrau-Durso Group of Companies, comments.

Shirvan 60 is produced in a limited edition of 5,000 bottles and is exclusively presented in the Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier branded chain and wine boutiques in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The cost of cognac is 14,500 rubles per 0.75 liter bottle in gift packaging. There is also a limited edition of 100 pieces of exclusive sets including Shirvan 60 cognac and a fine crystal decanter. The cost of the set is 20,000 rubles.


Additional Information:

Producer: Sheki Sharab Winery, Azerbaijan.
Volume: 0.7 L.
Alcohol by volume: 40%
Number of bottles: 5,000

The bouquet of cognac unfolds in the glass with notes of bitter chocolate, tobacco, and candied fruits. The taste is rich and soft, in a rich chocolate and coffee range with hints of nuts and dried fruits. The aftertaste is long and delicate, developing from woody to creamy notes. Due to the long aging, the cognac has a deep dark color.


Abrau-Durso is Russia’s leading producer of sparkling and still wines. The Abrau-Durso estate was founded in 1870 by the decree of Emperor Alexander II. Abrau Spirits is a division of the Abrau-Durso Group of Companies, which includes the following hard liquors: 7 Vegetables bitter tincture, 7 Herbs gin, Chameleon gin, Abrau-Durso 1870 high-quality matured cognac, Abrau-Durso 1870 premium aged eight-year cognac, Abrau-Durso 1870 premium aged six-year cognac, Abrau three-year and five-year aged cognacs, 7 Grains special vodka.

The Sheki Sharab production site (Azerbaijan) produces wines from unique autochthonous grape varieties under the Az Abrau brand, blended wines of the Abrau collection, as well as the legendary terroir port wine Agdam, sparkling wine Abrau 1870, and exclusive cognac Shirvan 60.



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