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Harvest season is open 15.08.2016

Harvest season is open

This week in the vineyards farms Group "Abrau-Durso" and its suppliers, will officially start the harvest season in 2016.

Traditionally, the harvest season begins with the collection of grape varieties Chardonnay. Chardonnay is a universal variety in the wine industry. Elegant and fresh Chardonnay is decorated with a blend of sparkling wines, making the flavor more delicate and taste - really fresh.

The first in the "high season" includes winemakers harvest the southernmost vineyard in the economy of Kuban "Azure berry" in Sec. Divnomorskoe. Oenologist Matteo Coletti economy appreciates the quality of the grapes Chardonnay 2016 season, which will be made from premium monosortovoy extra-brut "Manor Divnomorskoe» Blanc de Blanc ». The sale is a sparkling wine will fall no earlier than 2019.

In the vineyards of Abrau-Durso vintage starts on Tuesday 16 August. Grapes are also as in "Barton Divnomorskoe" going exclusively by hand in plastic boxes of not more than 25 kg, which guarantees the safety of high-quality wine from the vine to berry processing.

Winemakers Abrau-Durso characterize the 2016 harvest as a promising and expect to collect at least 3 000 000 kg of fruit wine varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Franc, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, this year's gathering will be held on such varieties as Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Aligoté.

At Don winery "Vedernikov" vintage season starts on Thursday August 18. The first will be here to collect such grape varieties as the Sibirkovy and Bianca. Vintage Russian native varieties Sibirkovy designed to create a unique sparkling wines on classic technology. In total this year to Vedernikov expect to collect approximately 750,000 kg of grapes.

Harvest season will last on the Group "Abrau-Durso" farms two months and will be completed in mid-October. The results of the crop harvest season fail October 15 at the VI All-Russia Summit winemakers in Abrau-Durso.

Group of companies "Abrau-Durso". Reference.
Group of companies "Abrau-Durso" is the leader on the Russian market of sparkling wines. Specific department Abrau-Durso founded in 1870 on behalf of the decree of Emperor Alexander II. Since 2006, the modernization of production in Abrau-Durso invested over 100 million USD. Champagne is produced classic method and Charmat. Products represented in the majority of regions of Russia. It produces champagne under the brand "Imperial", "Abrau-Durso Victor Dravigny», «Abrau-Durso classic", "Russian champagne" and Abrau Light. Products are exported to 15 countries, including the USA, China, Israel, Hungary and Finland, as well as shops duty free.
The Group consists of: Plant of Sparkling Wines "Abrau-Durso" Black sea resort Abrau-Durso with developed infrastructure, the vineyards and the winery "Azure berry" (brand "Manor Divnomorskoe), Group of companies" Vedernikov. "
25 million bottles of champagne were sold At the end of 2015. The resort Abrau-Durso and disposed therein wine tourism center "Abrau-Durso" is the most popular free-standing winery in the world. At the end of 2015 the resort used the services of more than 180 000 people.

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