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Vii All-Russia Summit of Winemakers 2017 06.10.2017

Vii All-Russia Summit of Winemakers 2017

VII All-Russia Summit of Winemakers will be held in the famous winemaking village Abrau-Durso on October 14, 2017. Event organizers: Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia (UWWR), Abrau-Durso Russian Wine House with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Administration of Krasnodarsky Krai.

As part of the Summit, the annual open session of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia, and an informal discussion with the participation of A. Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, will be held. “This year, we are planning to gather for an open dialogue more than 500 heads of viticultural and winemaking companies, market experts, representatives of legislative and executive authorities,” B. Titov, RF Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of Businessmen, Chairman of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia said. “On the sidelines of the Summit, we are going to discuss the current situation, the government‘s plans to support the industry and the extent to which they meet the needs of businessmen, the vision for further development of the industry as manufacturers and authorities see it. By the way, we expect the highest-ranking officials from relevant leading agencies to attend the Summit.”

The key topics to be discussed include: aligning federal and regional industry development programs with real expectations of businesses; the use of state funds and significant private investments in the development of winegrowing and winemaking with maximum benefit for the industry; consolidation of major winemaking enterprises and farm enterprises in the single industry space: search for new forms of cooperation between minor winegrowers and winemakers, co-existence of winemaking products made by major wine holdings and minor wineries on the shelves of stores and on wine lists of restaurants; key trends related to the sale and promotion of Russian wine, opportunities for increasing the sales of wines made from grapes grown in Russia. To demonstrate the current achievements of Russian winemakers, an impressive exhibition of winemaking products will be organized, at which all styles and areas of domestic winemaking art will be represented by more than 40 manufacturers from Kuban, Don and Lower Volga region, Dagestan, Stavropolye, Crimea, and Sevastopol.

UWWR President L. Popovich said, “By 2017, the development of winegrowing and winemaking in Russia has reached a new quality level, and we can say with certainty that Russia‘s best wines correspond to the modern European level. For the last few years, Russian winemakers have been receiving increasingly more prizes at prestigious international wine competitions.  Today, in Russia, there exists a venue for the promotion of Russian winemaking and exchanging best practices – All-Russia Summit of Winemakers – which unites all stakeholders of the wine market, where preliminary results of the winemaking year are summed up, and where we award the best wines of Russia based on the results of the tasting competition held shortly beforehand.”

UWWR Cup annual tasting competition is the most prestigious contest of domestic winemaking products in Russia. Every year, its jury is made up of the most influential experts of the wine world: oenologists, sommeliers, judges of international level, holders of Master of Wine title. Oz Clarke, one of the most reputable wine experts, who headed the jury in 2016, stated, “For me, this competition was a quite exciting one. It‘s really great being in this part of Russia and trying its wines!”

This year, the jury will be comprised of Stéphane Derenoncourt, an iconic French winemaker and manager of milestone international winemaking projects; Robert Joseph, founder of the world’s largest competition – International Wine Challenge; Attilio Scienza, oenologist, professor of Viticulture Department of Milan University; Darrel Joseph, a well-known specialist in wines of Central and Eastern Europe, promoter of Russian wine abroad; Nicoletta Dicova, an independent expert and a rising star of Italian wine criticism, and Anatoly Korneev, the only representative of Russia, Vice President of the Russian Association of Sommeliers.

The list of Summit guests includes the representatives of government authorities and business circles, who have the highest impact on the formation of the domestic industry‘s main trends, prominent specialists in winemaking and winegrowing, scientists, wine experts, restaurant owners, representatives of retail chains and distributors.

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