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Wine House

Essay on Abrau-Durso Russian Wine House

150 years on the bright side of the Russian history

A genuine House should have a solid historical foundation. For us, history is of particular importance, since it is the best guarantee of the winemakers’ skills and the quality of the sparkling drink they create.

For almost a century and a half we have been living the destiny of the country and its people, marking the best social achievements and the happiest events of our personal lives over three epochs.

And we dare to assure that from here, from the unclouded world of Abrau-Durso, the history and the present of our country is a chronicle of glorious deeds and great victories!

All about Russian sparkling wine

Abrau-Durso was founded in 1870 by the decree of the Russian Emperor Alexander II in a picturesque place in the south of Russia on the shores of Lake Abrau. At first, only still wines were made at Abrau-Durso, but 1896 saw the production the first sparkling wines, which subsequently made the wine house famous. Sparkling wine from Abrau-Durso cellars was the favourite drink of the Russian aristocracy; it was served to Russian emperors, later to secretaries-general, and is now served at gala receptions at the Kremlin.