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Final of Women‘s Contest of Sommeliers in Abrau-Durso

In August, the most talented female sommeliers from all over Russia will gather in Abrau-Durso.

Abrau Sailing Club opened in Abrau-Durso

A Children‘s Sailing School Opened in Abrau-Durso

Abrau-Durso Group of Companies to double production capacity

The company announces the launch of a subsidiary, OOO Loza.

Grape water by Abrau-Durso

Abrau-Durso on Boogel Woogel

Sparkling New Year and Christmas!

Dear friends! Please accept our most sincere congratulations on the coming New Year 2017 and Merry Christmas! Let this holiday season, and the next year you are surrounded by the kindness and care of your loved ones, all the cases are solved well, and the glass will sparkle only favorite and the best wines. Happy New Year!

Great Patriotic War

Chapter from Pyotr Vail’s “European Unit”

5 Characteristics of the Imperial Domain’s Wines



Abrau-Durso Wine Ateliers and champagne bars in Russia

Abrau-Durso Wine Ateliers are already open for visitors in the capital and large cities of Russia. Our boutiques offer the largest collection of sparkling and still Abrau-Durso, Usadba Divnomorskoe, Vedernikov Winery wines, as well as wines of other manufacturers. Experienced cavistes will help you select wines suitable for a specific occasion.

Besides, champagne bars at the shops regularly hold themed tastings. You will find more details about the choice of wines at

150 years on the bright side of the Russian history

A genuine House should have a solid historical foundation. For us, history is of particular importance, since it is the best guarantee of the winemakers’ skills and the quality of the sparkling drink they create.

For almost a century and a half we have been living the destiny of the country and its people, marking the best social achievements and the happiest events of our personal lives over three epochs.

And we dare to assure that from here, from the unclouded world of Abrau-Durso, the history and the present of our country is a chronicle of glorious deeds and great victories!


The first production of Abrau-Durso Russian sparkling wine. In the same year, at All-Russia Industrial and Art Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, wineries of the Chief Administration of Domains were awarded the highest prize – the right to depict the state coat of arms. First label of Abrau-Durso sparkling wine was designed

Open an Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier in your city!

Our mission is to make quality sparkling and still wines available to every consumer.

Developing the retail chain of Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier shops under a franchise, we offer our customers the best choice of sparkling and still Russian wines, and high quality of service.

For producing champagne, Abrau-Durso uses:

Terroir – natural and climatic system

Terroir is a unique combination of natural factors (soil, climate, slope exposure, wind pattern, ecosystem) that determine the type and distinctive features of wine and affect its character and individuality.

Specialists attest that local conditions in Abrau-Durso are unique and in certain aspects more favourable than in the famous Champagne.

Terroire in Abrau-Durso is distinguished by:
• Wind pattern
• Soils rich in natural elements
• Unique mild climate




Abrau-Durso without bubbles 2013

2016 1


Tastings at Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier

Join us to taste iconic wines from Abrau-Durso Russian Wine House collection. You will be able to try all wines available at boutiques. At the tasting, you will learn about the culture of Russian winemaking and its history from the times of Emperor Alexander II to the present day, and become familiar with a peculiar style of Abrau-Durso Russian sparkling wines, Usadba Divnomorskoe gastronomic wines, and original indigenous wines of Vedernikov Winery. To make an appointment, please call the Wine Atelier in your city on the phone number indicated at

Classic technique

Genuine Champagne is traditionally produced using the Champenoise, or classic technique. The method of secondary fermentation in bottles, which was created by French wine makers, is an extremely complicated and long process, which includes numerous unique procedures: assemblage, remuage, degorgage, and others.

A full production cycle for wines created using the classic technique has been created and perfected at Abrau-Durso. We have been producing sparkling wine using the classic technique for more than 120 years!

Сhampenoise technique is used for the production of:
ImperialVictor DravignyImperial Domain.

Wind pattern is the terroir's decisive factor

It is the wind that brings to the vineyards the tones, notes and aromas of the surrounding nature, on which the regional wine’s specific bouquet and style are based. The rich wind pattern of the Abrau-Durso Valley gathers from all sides and mixes in a natural mountain bowl a variety of flavours – from dry grass and floral aromas from the steppes to the brackish marine and freshwater lake nuances.


Just a description 1900

Abstract from A. Vertinsky’s memoirs “Those Were the Days...”


Within the framework of its franchise project, Abrau-Durso Russian Wine House is ready to offer a potential partner the following:

– Being involved in shaping the culture of high-quality sparkling and still wine consumption in Russia;
– A unique format for doing business: a monobrand store selling sparkling and still wines with the possibility of tasting and selling Abrau-Durso products and cocktails on their basis by glasses;
– Marketing support of the partner’s activities;
– An operational business model with acceptable payback periods.

All about Russian sparkling wine

Abrau-Durso was founded in 1870 by the decree of the Russian Emperor Alexander II in a picturesque place in the south of Russia on the shores of Lake Abrau. At first, only still wines were made at Abrau-Durso, but 1896 saw the production the first sparkling wines, which subsequently made the wine house famous. Sparkling wine from Abrau-Durso cellars was the favourite drink of the Russian aristocracy; it was served to Russian emperors, later to secretaries-general, and is now served at gala receptions at the Kremlin.



MARS in Abrau-Durso

Unbelievable but true! May 1 in the historical complex "Abrau-Durso" we open the center of media art Abrau-MARS, which promises to be the most striking resort art project in 2016. MARS appeared in Moscow in 1988 and was the first center for contemporary art in Russia. Now - it is the only one in Russia and one of the few in the world of audio-visual center installations, immersing visitors in a parallel universe and affecting all human senses. Unforgettable impressions! The collection center MARS collected more than 2,000 works of contemporary artists. Center "Abrau-Durso" would be a logical continuation of Moscow. The exhibition will not just watch and listen, but also to communicate, create, play and travel. The first draft of Light Line combines all the fun in the modern and advanced audiovisual art. Nanotak, Cuppetelli, Mendoza. Kuflex, Tundra - big names in recent years, which are exhibited around the world and now in Abrau-Durso. "Cosmic" art of recognized artists have visited in France, the UK and the US. Abrau-Durso became a center of contemporary art in Russia.

Medalicty competition IWC

8 medals and 5 degrees! This is the result of "Abrau-Durso" at the prestigious international tasting competition IWC- International Wine Challenge, which has just ended in the UK. Almost all of our samples, sent to the contest, earned the attention of eminent judges. Wine critics from around the world tasting the samples in three stages. As a result, 8 bronze medals (threshold 85 points) and 5 degrees (the threshold of 82 points) in Abrau-Durso. We list medalists: 1) New Brut Blanc de Blanc Brut d'Or Abrau-Durso. 2) The inimitable Imperial Brut Vintage 3) Incredible pink Brut Imperial Cuvée Rose 4) Win-win option for parties Brut - Victor Dravigny (blue label) 5) Sparkling new "Farm Divnomorskoe" - Extra Brut Grande Cuvée - earned already the second medal this year. 6) A landmark red wine Syrah "Granges Divnomorskoe" - our record for most medals in recent years. 7) White Chardonnay "Granges Divnomorskoe" especially succeeded in this year. 8) The classic red Cabernet Sauvignon "Divnomorskoe homesteads." At the international competition in this time debuted wine "Abrau Blend Dark" and got a diploma. Also awarded diplomas: extra brut and brut pink Victor Dravigny, eastern slope and Riesling "Divnomorskoe homesteads."