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The first and so far the only Abrau-Durso premium Brut d’Or Blanc de Blancs  (White from White) sparkling wine has been created exclusively from selected Chardonnay white grapes. This wine, designed for true connoisseurs, is rightly referred to as “white gold of winemaking”. Brut d’Or Blanc de Blancs  is truly the pinnacle of the sparkling wine style. This wine has significant potential for maturation, which is why it is often procured for collections or special occasions. The subtle elegant balanced taste of Blanc de Blanc will become a worthy drink suitable for any celebration. 



GRAPE VARIETIES:100 % Chardonnay

Blanc de Blanc is characterized by an elegant golden hue with a pale straw glint Its rich, fresh, and solid bouquet with shades of brioches and butter is accompanied with a boisterous play of small bubbles. Deep in its flavour, you will identify tones of white flowers and juicy fruit. The taste is vivid, rich, with a fine body, dense creamy texture, predominantly fruity, with a sophisticated combination of accents of citrus and white fruit and a pleasant balanced aftertaste.

This mild elegant sparkling wine with a fresh mineral taste will become a perfect match for complex seafood dishes, lobsters, crabs, and oysters. This complex and versatile sparkling wine is an ideal drink for festivities and celebrations.